High Low Adapter with Sum function

Active signal processor circuitry for a superior sound performance;
Full balanced input stage to improve noise rejection and response velocity;
Improved ballast load to match output impedance of the radio;
Unbalanced line output to drive any kind of amplifier;
Low tolerance and high quality passive components;
Optimized A class working operational amplifiers;
Low Total Harmonic Distortion;
Protection against power supply inversion;
Switch-on signal (Remote) generation;
Current protection on switch-on output to avoid damages when ground shorting occurs;
Operative status red LED;
Full Surface Mount Technology (SMT);
Reduced size to optimize installation;
4 channel Power Inputs on versatile and easy to use, removable, screw terminals;
4 channel Line Level Outputs on solid RCA connectors;
SUM capability on CH-1 outputs to rebuild filtered signals (multi-way systems);
Professional Aluminum enclosure;
BALANCE capability between CH-1 & CH-2 inputs (SUM mode only) so to optimize the system adjustment;
Double side FR4 industry standard printed circuit board for long term reliability and excellent environmental stability;
Optimized signal path to increase noise immunity;
Shut down conditioning on switch-on signal to avoid bumps and pop noises;
Supports High Power Output (B.T.L.) and Low Power Output (S.E.) radios;
Very low quiescent current (less than 0.8mA @ 14V4);
Low operative current consumption (less than 30 mA @ 14V4);
Output signal up to 3.2Vrms @ 12V of power supply;
Input stage can handle signals as high as 50W of equivalent power onto 4 Ohm;
13 dB voltage attenuation between Power Input and Line Level Output (a 50Watt @ 4Ohm power signal applied to the input, produces a 3.2Vrms Line Output signal);
Plug & Play – non intrusive installation.

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HLA-Slim / HLA-Dual

Very Slim High Low Adapters


High Low Level Adapter