HLA-Slim / HLA-Dual

High Low Adapter

Improvement of HLA.2 and HLA.4
The main improvements are:
Ø No plastic case and plug, therefore very small and easy to install
Ø The double possible input power handling
Ø Remote output capability increased from 15 mA to 100 mA
Ø Of course still made in Italy like all MOSCONI products now and in the future!

HLA-Slim / Dual are able to produce a stable and useful REMOTE signal only if the headunit is an high power unit (BTL).
On these kind of headunits, each output has a steady state voltage which is used to detect when the headunit is powered on.
HLA-Slim and/or Dual need at least 3Vdc on at least one of its inputs.
These devices are not intended to sense the music signal, but only the dc voltage present on each BTL output.

Tecnical data:
Stand-By Current Consumption < 0.8mA Operative Current Consumption < 15mA (< 30mA in the Dual version) Polarity Inversion Protection Yes Max allowed current on Remote Out 100 mA (normal operation) Min allowed load on Remote Out 120 Ohm (normal operation) Remote Out Voltage > 12V @ Irem-out < 100mA Remote Out Short Circuit Protection Yes (to ground) Max Short Circuit duration on Remote Out < 10 second (*) Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.01% Slew Rate 10V/uS S/N Ratio > 100dB
Channel Separation > 60dB
Common Mode Noise Rejection > 60dB
Stepdown conversion ratio 4:1 V/V
High Level Input ballast impedance 45 Ohm / 2W each channel
Max continuous (sinewave) Power handling @ 4Ohm 25Wrms x CH
Max allowed Head-Unit nominal power handling 50W x CH (**)
Max Output Signal @ THD < 0.1% 3.2 Vrms Min Output Load Impedence 2 KOhm Download manual

(*) if Max allowed time is exceeded, permanent damages to device may occour.
(**) maximum real RMS nominal power, not PMPO, peak, etc.


High Low Adapter
with Sum function


High Low Level Adapter