Technical Features:

Target powers:
  • 80 Watt @ 4 Ohm 14V4
  • 100 Watt @ 2 Ohm 14V4
  • 1 x 200 Watt @ 4 Ohm 14V4
Input sensitivity: (Power rating ref)
  • 0.35 V ÷ 16 V
Xover functions:
  • OFF / LP / HP
  • 80 Hz
  • Slope: 12 dB/oct – “Q”: 0.7 (Stereo & Mono)
Special Features:
  • Low Level / High Level input mode (by switch)
  • Auto Sense (only in High Level mode)
  • 87 x 80 x 30 mm
  • 310 g

2-channel amplifier
Class D amplifier with selectable HP / LP internal Xover, high and low level input with autosense.

MOSCONI redefines power/size concept with the new PICO line.
A lot of power in really compact size (only 87/80/30mm)
PICO 2 can be installed where ever you want inside the car: installation fast, clean and invisible.
Silver-Brushed finishing
Power Rating: 80 Watt @ 4 Ohm < 1% THD+N
Sn Ratio: > 100 dBA (ref: 1 Watt into 4 Ohm)


This amplifier is designed to play music on real speakers.
It is not rated to drive static signals on pure resistive loads.


WE HAVE IT SMALL                                                                               Versione italiana
(...and we are proud of it)

This statement may sound awkward but it is the truth! In Rocco Siffredi's (Italian porno star) mother-country such a statement would make more than one person smile, but I hope you've got to know us so far. As far as performances are concerned, MOSCONI never jokes! In the past, customers used to say to us: <> And we used to reply: <> What can we do? Shall we cut a piece out? We can't! If ours is too big, that's how it is! Hence we have become aware that “big” doesn't always mean “better”, even if we were convinced that our amplifiers were... Hey, wait! What were you thinking of?? Come on! It was as clear as water that we were referring to amplifiers and not to “that thing”! You malicious guys, hopeless little porkies! Well, made it clear that we are not writing an ambiguous essay, let's go back to the point. We were saying... we have always been convinced that our AMPLIFIERS were “normal”, that is they had more or less standard sizes, the ones that are expected in similar devices. On The contrary, in many cases we can affirm that some of our devices are far more compact than our competitors. Market trends are quite clear and they're going one single direction: reduce sizes and increase performances. Well, one thing is writing about it, another is realizing it... Trying to comply with the market trends, about one year ago we produced the D2 line, a group of revolutionary products which perfectly realized this idea. Compact, powerful, versatile and efficient! Simply perfect! Our customers were happy at last and no longer complained about dimensions. Many even congratulated on the magnificent result achieved. A success from every point of view, however... Have you ever experienced that feeling of unrest and discontent that never leaves you even if you know that you have realized something extraordinary that nobody has? Besides nobody complains... so why should you be so restless? But yes, absurd questions and thoughts are the fuel of my job, my ever full tank. Without them I would be an ordinary technician. Luckily, as Michele Salvemini (aka Caparezza, an Italian singer) says, God has endowed me with a brain and if I didn't use it I would betray Him. Every now and then, my brain “farts” but it is exactly in those occasions that the best ideas come up. In fact, they are so absurd that there is nothing to lose or to win. Where I come from, we say they are the typical ideas “to Santa Claus dead”. But what does all this have to do with PICO? It does, it does and how it does! As I was saying before, the D2 line had perfectly hit all the goals, so we could have relaxed for a while and enjoyed the fruits of hard work with deserved satisfaction. However the desire to verify and to see to what extent you can push is like a drug. Once you have tried it, it is difficult to give up. One of our HLA-SUM (check what it is) had been hanging on my desk for some time, when suddenly the spark flared up. Do you remember in the 1980s when you were playing a videogame and suddenly the word “CHALLENGE” appeared on the screen? Well, it was as clear as the sun for me... and I thought: <>. The sentence ended... <<....I know, I am a fucker!>> but I'm not proud of it. But you know what? I did make it! And this is bad because a “respectable” technician who confirms to himself that his ideas work, satisfying for the moment the endless wish of experiment and challenge that characterizes his whole life (like a hungry vampire), loses interest in what he is doing and necessarily needs to go beyond. Unfortunately this is what happened to our small “baby” which had been forgotten for more than one year, until one day the boss saw it left alone on my table... Moved by sincere pity, he took the tiny piece in his hands and said: <>. And now you can judge if it is worth!

Filippo Kania
R&D dept.

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