Advanced Multi Audio Streaming Module for GLADEN DSP 6to8

EISA 2013-2014

– SP-Dif Multi Board is required
– It supports A2DP in the high-resolution EDR specification by any source like
mobiles/pads/tabs with iOS/Android or…
– Data transfer also of uncompressed files and directly into the digital section of the DSP
so the best possible signal flow for absolute High-End Sound
– 3 simultaneous connections (control/handsfree-set/audio), but only one audio source
– Bit rate up to 2.1 Mbit/sec
– Supported codes: SBC, MP3, AAC, Flac, Loss-Less, Wave
– Including an antenna extension cable if the 6to8 location is e.g. in a closed trunk
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SP-DIF Multi

Multi SP‐DIF optional digital input/output board