MOSCONI GLADEN PRO 1|10 One channel D class amplifier
MOSCONI GLADEN PICO 8|12 DSP 8 channels D class amplifier with DSP
MOSCONI GLADEN DSP 8to12 AEROSPACE 192 KHz / 24 bit resolution
MOSCONI GLADEN D2 100.4 DSP D-Class 4 Channels with DSP inside
MOSCONI GLADEN DSP 4to6 & RCD Processor with Remote Controler
The Bluetooth Module To make the settings with the software by PC, instead of the USB cable
MOSCONI GLADEN ZERO 4 4 Channel High End Amplifier
MOSCONI GLADEN ZERO 4 High Power AB Amplifier
MOSCONI GLADEN ZERO 1 Very High Power AB Amplifier
MOSCONI GLADEN A CLASS HIGH-END Amplifier in A-class (for a superb acoustic performance)
MOSCONI GLADEN AS Line MOSCONI AS series AB Class Full Mosfet Amplifier
MOSCONI GLADEN ONE line High power AB-class amplifier - Full MOSFET design High Level input adapter with auto switch-on Front Stage Adjuster FSA


Tweeter crossover frequency


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Compatibility DSP / Accessories

Compatibility DSP Products / DSP Accessories

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The brand “Mosconi” originated as a diversification for MOS company in the SBU car-audio market. Its history is still very short: at the end of 2008, Ivan Mosconi, driven by love for electronics and sound, brings together a team of designers and engineers with decades of experience in the professional audio sector and after a few months, in the summer of 2009…

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